Exit Protocol

Exit Protocol

Exit Protocol


THEME: Spy Adventure

ALL GAMES ARE PRIVATE (No one else will be with you)

Minimum age of participants: 16 years old

MUST have an adult present if under 18

Recommend Group Size: 4-6 Players

Experienced Teams: 3 Players

Minimum Group Size:  2 @ $45.00/person 

3+ Group Size: $30.00/person 


We have recieved reports of a hidden bunker contatining prototype weapons being sold to terrorists. Your team has been sent out to uncover the bunker and extract all the information leading to these prototype weapons. You must find those weapons before they fall into the wrong hands. Time is short and the danger is eminent.



We wanted to create a high tech spy adventure putting you directly into the action as agents breaking into a facility. As you advance through the story you uncover another piece of the conspiracy. This game has the most tech intergration, we wanted to give players the feel of "hacking" into systems, disarming bombs and gaining access to terminals in different ways.

After testing and launch we quickly found that this game will be one of our most diffcult rooms with less than 15% Success rate in the first 2 months. Largely due to the amount of puzzles and  non-linear design. We have made a few adjustments to some puzzles for clarity, but is still quite difficult for new players.



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  • 2-8 People
  • Duration: 60 Minutes
  • Avg Escape: 52 Minutes
  • 45% Success
  • Tech: Heavy

December 2015

04 December - thursday