Please note that this game is not your traditional Escape Room.
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THEME: Heist Adventure Challenge

ALL GAMES ARE PRIVATE (No one else will be with you)

Minimum age of participants: 15 years old

MUST have an adult present if under 18

Recommend Group Size:  3-6 Players

Experienced Teams: 3 Players

Minimum Group Size:  2 @ $45.00/person 

3+ Group Size: $30.00/person 


You have been CHALLENGED! 

You and your team are tasked by the Big BOSS to perform the biggest heist at a local Pawn Shop which is reported to have a secret "Private Rare Artifact Gallery" inside . You must steal as many Rare Artifacts in 1-Hour as you can, and the crew that steals the most money in 1-Hour will become part of the Big Boss' official crew. 

But you must be careful, the "Private Gallery" is filled with millions of dollars of Authentic Artifacts, but there are some forgeries amongst the collection.. it is up to you to find out what is Real and what is Fake... The Big Boss DOES NOT like wasting his time on Fake Artifacts and will penalize you for every fake that you steal!        

Do you and your crew of Art Thieves got what it takes to steal the most valuable items and become part of the infamous Big Boss' crew?  



The concept of a Non-Escape Room style Challenge game is a new design for us. There are still alot of puzzles to solve, but it is probably our most non-linear game we have. With over 35+ puzzles (and we will continue to add more) we wanted to try to challenge our players and make it a competition as well. 

Traditionally, most escape rooms will rank their players on time spent in a room, number of hints etc. But we figured if we made a challenge room where we scored the players based on the actions they do in the room, that it would make it alot more interesting rather than a speed run.. Every team will get a FULL HOUR to do as many puzzles as possible so the playing field is only leveled through the experience of the team.    

We tried to add a mixture of tech and traditional style puzzles. As we add more and more artifacts to the gallery we will continue to vary the puzzles. Players aren't expected to complete every puzzle in the game since there will be an overwhelming amount to do in a single hour, but it will also keep even the best teams on their toes.        



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  • 3-6 People
  • Duration: 60 Minutes
  • Avg Escape: 54 Minutes
  • 45% Success
  • Tech: Moderate

December 2015

04 December - thursday